Principal’s Message

A message from the Principal…

I am absolutely delighted to be the current Principal of Beacon Hill Academy, having worked as part of the Senior Leadership since 2006.

Beacon Hill Academy is a fully comprehensive school which has as its mission to unlock potential so as to support our Learners to be successful, confident, articulate leaders, able to play in a full role in the local, national and international society.

I am delighted that Ofsted judged the school to be good in all areas in December 2015. I am most proud of two comments in particular – one from our Learners; “it’s OK to be different here” and one from the Lead Inspector herself; “The academy places great emphasis on ensuring that pupils’ well being is at the core of what they do on a daily basis.” Both these comments reflect our success in caring for every individual, in particular, caring that they are successful.

The academy has consistently achieved year on year success in GCSE exams and we continue to strive for the best possible outcomes for all of our Learners, whatever their starting points.

Below are some quotations from our most recent Ofsted report which highlighted the most recent developments at Beacon Hill Academy.

  • Since the last inspection, rates of progress in all subjects, including English and mathematics, have improved significantly.
  • Teaching is consistently good because teachers in all subjects use assessment information effectively to plan learning that meets the needs of pupils. As a result pupils make good progress.
  • The Principal and Senior Leaders have effectively communicated a culture of high expectations. They have a thorough understanding of the academy’s performance because they have established rigorous systems to monitor the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Pupils are able to participate in many additional activities to broaden their experience. There is a wide range of sporting, artistic and cultural opportunities, including art, science, dance and physical education clubs.
  • All teachers in the academy have good subject knowledge which they use very effectively to provide interesting and engaging learning activities. Pupils say they enjoy their lessons because their teachers help them to do the best that they can.
  • Pupils are adamant that there is little, if any, bullying. The say that academy staff will not tolerate discriminatory language or actions and they were all very clear that if such an incident did happen, it would be dealt with very rapidly. Pupils noted that, “it’s OK to be different here” and provided several very salient examples to support their views.
  • The vast majority of pupils behave consistently well in and around the academy at all times of the day. The academy is calm and orderly. All pupils are polite to staff and to visitors and they are clearly proud of their school.