About Us

Mission Statement

To unlock potential and develop confident individuals, independent learners and good citizens through a rich curriculum which expands Learners’ intellectual and cultural horizons.

At Beacon Hill Academy

  • We LISTEN to each other
  • We RESPECT each other
  • We LEARN together

Vision Statement

In the academic year 2015 – 16 :

  • All staff and all Learners operate high expectations every day (see school website for 26 expectations of staff and 20 expectations of Learners)
  • Learners can expect to receive good and outstanding teaching every lesson
  • Learners have the opportunity to develop independent learning skills both in and out of the classroom
  • Learners learn together and do not stop anyone else learning
  • Marking and feedback enables every Learner to make progress in every lesson
  • All Learners are given opportunities to develop their leadership potential
  • All Learners will have opportunities to develop their talents or special abilities
  • All subjects across the curriculum provide opportunities for Learners to produce high quality written work
  • Numeracy skills are developed across STEM subjects
  • All staff at every level will have a relentless focus on action to tackle underachievement

Measures of success will be (by Summer 2016) :

  • At least 55% of Learners achieve 5 A* – C (including English and mathematics)
  • Progress 8 measure is zero
  • At least 60% of Learners achieve A* – C in English and mathematics
  • Progress by the end of Year 11 in English and mathematics is at or above national percentages.
  • Progress in other subjects is at or above national percentages.
  • All groups of Learners in Year 7 and 8 make beyond expected progress in English and mathematics
  • There are no achievement gaps in Year 7 or 8
  • The group ‘middle ability’ (4c, 4b at KS2) make progress above the national average in English and mathematics by the end of Year 11
  • Higher ability Learners make beyond expected progress in English and mathematics in all year groups
  • Gaps in attainment and progress (boys/girls, disadvantaged/non-disadvantaged, SEND/non SEND) continue to close towards zero
  • All Learners who come to Beacon Hill Academy below level 4 make at least expected progress
  • Attendance for the year 2015 – 16 will be 95%
  • Persistent absence for the year 2015 – 16 will be below 6%