Activities Week 2019

Why do we have an activities week?

At Beacon Hill Academy we provide many opportunities for Learners’ personal development. Activities Week has run for over 25 years and forms an important element in producing well-rounded characters able to face the challenges of the modern world. In particular we aim to:

* Improve Learner’s social skills by mixing with Learners from different classes and year groups

* Provide fun and engaging activities, the memory of which will stay with Learners for ever

* Enable Learners to improve their personal organisation skills including time management and financial management

* Learn new skills

* Experience different environments and cultures

* Reinforce and expand Learner learning relate to the curriculum

* Make new friends

* Develop self-confidence, resilience, self-awareness and reasoning skills

* Provide opportunities for Learners to “try something new”

In doing so the school provides value for money, working with a range of on-site and offsite activity providers. Risk assessments are carried out for offsite activities, seeking to minimise and manage risks. Payments are spread out over many months such that no Learners should be unable to take part in paid for activities. For activities involving residentials, Learners in receipt of free school meals (pupil premium) will be eligible for a reduced price. Full details of prices are shown in the online activity week booklets. Please take some time to look through the booklets before making choices. Option forms indicating first/second/third choice should be returned to Form Tutors within one week of activity week assemblies, which take place in October. A personalised letter confirming which trip your son/daughter is taking part in will then follow along with details of where and when to pay deposits. Further payments are then made via ParentPay.