IMG_5704A team of 21 articulate Year 9 Learners demonstrated outstanding leadership and presentation skills during the recent Anne Frank Exhibition which was hosted at Beacon Hill Academy on Monday 18th May to Friday 5th June. Members of the Anne Frank Trust came into school to educate and train a selection of Year 9 Learners who, after 2 intense days of training, gave bespoke tours to the rest of the school. The 21 tour guides were divided into groups and led over 18 tours to over 450 Learners in years 7 and 8. The Learners demonstrated excellent communication skills by developing Learners’ understanding of the IMG_5687Holocaust through the harrowing story of Anne Frank. The Learners spoke fluently and articulately to younger Learners about the harsh, unjust and prejudicial views of the Nazi party and the experiences of many Jews under Hitler’s regime. A special tour was also given to parents, staff and governors on Thursday 4th June, and many who took part commented on how articulate and skilful the Learner tour guides were.


On the last day of the exhibition, the school welcomed one of the last remaining Holocaust Survivors, Mindu Hornic. Mrs. Hornic spoke to Learners studying this period in history about her experience of being a prisoner at Auschwitz concentration camp in 1941 at the young age of 12. She told Learners about how she was told to lie about her age and say she was 17 years old and a seamstress in order to avoid death in the gas chambers on arrival. She was separated from her two younger brothers and mother who she would never see again. She and her sister were selected to work in Bremen at a munitions factory and managed to survive her time in imprisonment until 1946 when she was liberated. Her heart-breaking and truly emotional story was an inspiration to all Learners who listened intently and commented on her courage and strength of character. Learners also spoke of the importance of ensuring that the younger generation continued to spread the message of tolerance and respect for all races and cultures and not allow history to repeat itself. Mrs. Hornic also took part in a question and answer session and stayed to speak to all the Learners that had been tour guides for the Anne Frank exhibition. All the guides were given a copy of Anne Frank’s Diary.IMG_5666

Mrs. Thompson, PSHEE co-ordinator commented that, “The project has been extremely successful and rewarding and will remain an unforgettable experience for all involved, especially the tour guides, who I am sure will continue to share their knowledge and understanding with others for years to come”. Learners will also take part in a National exhibition at the Millennium Think Tank in Birmingham, where they will showcase the exhibition to other Learners from all over the West Midlands.

Quotes from the Anne Frank School Ambassadors:

“To be an Anne Frank ambassador for the school has been a privilege. I have developed my leadership skills and feel more confident performing in front of lots of people. I would do it all over again.”

Ryan Bradley 9LD


“I have enjoyed learning about Anne’s life as I feel her legacy deserves to live on and I am glad to say I have been part of this project.”

Harriet Crossley 9KKIMG_5739


“At the start of the journey of learning about this influential story, I knew little. I believe that by taking part in this exhibition, I have expanded my knowledge of not just Anne Frank’s story, but the development of Germany as a country over the years. By being a peer guide, I have been able to develop key skills which I feel will be invaluable with any future endeavour I embark on.”

Francesca Harper 9QY


“I really enjoyed learning and hearing first-hand the emotions and feelings of the Jews, after Mindu came in and spoke to us.”

Joe Betts 9BA


“Anne Frank has brought out the confidence in me. I never would have thought I would be able to do what I did.”

Sophie Hannington 9BA


“I have really enjoyed being a tour guide. The highlight of the experience for me was meeting Mindu, a holocaust survivor.”

Connor Hughes 9MP


“Taking part in the Anne Frank exhibition has been an emotional rollercoaster. I have had an amazing experience with some amazing people.”

Katie Jones 9LI


“I have enjoyed being able to progress my ability to speak in front of a group of people. I have learnt a lot about the life of Anne Frank, Hitler’s reign and the persecution of the Jews and other minority groups. I have learnt to make sure people remember the Holocaust and the pain that was caused for millions of people.”

Rhys Rowlands 9BT