Papworth Trust

Year 10 Business Studies Learners have been putting their business skills to good use by raising money for the Papworth Trust. This great charity has been working with the disabled, older people and their families and carers for almost 100 years.

Gus Singh and George Chapman have been working tirelessly in their own time to produce a range of customised glasses for sale as part of a range business activities encouraged by the school. The boys faced a number of challenges including staffing, production issues, marketing, pricing and branding.

Despite this they worked through all of the challenges and like true entrepreneur’s they never gave up.  They quickly realised that all of the work could not be done by themselves and so after an extra-ordinary meeting the group decided to employ other Learners to help in their endeavours.

As part of a national challenge called the ‘School Accumulator Challenge,’ Beacon Hill Academy was invited to turn £50 in to as much profit as possible in 10 weeks. Following the initial start-up funding of £50 from the trust the boys have used their entrepreneurial skills to turn it into as much profit as they can in this period of time.

With the support of their tutor, Mr H. Mahey, they have raised an impressive £500-–that’s an impressive return on investment.

Mr Mahey commented ‘during the process the Learners developed valuable skills like time management, market research and teamwork – all great skills to be able to demonstrate, as they complete their GCSE Business Studies and eventually start applying for the top colleges’.

It does not end there, as a reward, the winning team who raises the most amount of money overall will receive two days and one night stay at Alton Towers resort for the Learners and two others. The teacher of the team who raises the most amount of money will receive a one night stay in a London hotel and a show for two; c’mon lads you can do it!!

Other prizes include the winning team receiving an Oak Tree for their School and individual team winners get a £10 ‘Love To Shop’ voucher. All Learners taking part also received medals. We wish our boys the best of luck in this national competition, which is due to end at the end of the month.

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