Year 7 – Places of worship trip – September 2015

The Year 7 Integrated Curriculum included specific PEARS lessons on religion and social harmony. The PEARS department took the opportunity to give pupils an invaluable applied learning experience outside the classroom. The aims and objectives included improving pupil’s knowledge and understanding of different religions and cultures, enabling pupils to have a positive influence on […]

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Extra-Curricular in PEARS

PEARS Working Group meet every Monday after school to discuss, organise and deliver specific projects. Examples of projects include:

Create a forum in which pupils can express their views and have a real impact on teaching and learning (pupil voice)
Plan and implement applied learning in PEARS, i.e. to develop a programme of visits out of […]

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Learner Voice in PEARS

When pupils were asked what they think of the subject, this is what they said:
“PEARS is fantastic because it is based on stories, especially things that happen in the real world.”

“The teacher encourages discussion, not just writing. They also encourage drama, independent skills, and arty crafty things.”

“Learning about different religions and beliefs is […]

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PEARS place of Worship

On September 30th, October 1st and October 2nd 2014, all Year 7 Learners took part in the PEARS places of worship trips.  During the trip the Learners visited a Catholic Church, Sikh Gurdwara and a multi faith place of worship called Ek Niwas.

The places visited were all unique and varied greatly.  Opportunities were given […]

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