As a continuation to several other meetings throughout the school year, a number of students were taken to Dudley College with the other schools within the Multi Academy Trust to focus on a new aspect of development within our four schools – rebranding. Although the meeting was brief, the four hour session proved to be insightful as to future prospects within Beacon Hill Academy.
On entry to Dudley College, we were briefed about the schedule of the day before we were ushered to seats in our respective schools.

The first event on the agenda was a talk from two designers who discussed the importance of rebranding all four schools who attended the meeting, with input from the CEO of the Dudley MAT – Mrs [Joe] Higgins. Within this, we addressed what we wanted in our new logos for the schools before specifying the changes to the name, uniforms and overall reputation of each individual school in the Multi-Academy Trust. Personally, I found this interesting while slightly daunting at the prospect of potentially losing the history behind our school. However, I, along with all the other students present at the meeting, soon recognised the significance of renovating the school.

We believe collectively that rebranding is the best option for the MAT schools for many reasons. Despite the obvious appeal Beacon Hill Academy has to its current students, rebranding will give the school the chance to enhance and change perceptions others have of the school and allow the reputation to vary. We want the best for the school and its inhabitants, and so we plan to relay the events of the most recent MAT conference to the student body through house and school council meetings in the following weeks for feedback.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the potential changes to our school over the coming years and am entirely grateful for being part of the rebranding experience and shaping the future of the MAT schools amongst such talented leaders.

-Emily – President 2018/19