On Thursday 17th November, Beacon Hill Academy had the 3rd Enrichment Day of the academic year. This was an opportunity for all students to thoroughly engage in a variety of topics which supplement the PSHE programme.

Each year group had a theme which was investigated throughout the day and the breakdown of the themes and topics were:

Year GroupThemes and Topics

Year 7: Life Choices- Alcohol, Drugs, Mental Health, Anti-social Behaviour and First Aid

Year 8 : Citizenship- Migration, Brexit, Human Rights, UK Government and Law

Year 9: Challenging Choices – Financial awareness, Child Sexual Exploitation, Equality and Stereotypes

Year 10: Religion and Culture – Diwali, Good vs Evil, The Golden Rule, Minority Religions and Enhancing Britain

Year 11: Exam Preparation- Exam Stress, Exam Food, Revision planning and strategies, Mock exam assembly. Additional time to get connexions support and complete college preparations.

Throughout the day I had the pleasure to observe most of these sessions and the engagement from all students was extremely pleasing.

For the first time this year 11 will be having a full mock exam in preparation for their GCSE’s this summer. Enrichment day 3 was a great opportunity for them to fully prepare with sessions on exam stress and revision techniques amongst others.

The behaviour and attitude on the day was pleasing and we look forward to Enrichment day 4 in February.


Please click here to watch highlights from the event