Jack Rhodes

Hi, my name is Jack Rhodes and I am in 10KR. My EE numbers are 1 and 14. These are the numbers that I represent. I would firstly, like to talk about the about the number 1. This number stands for “being innovative and creative”. This is an important EE number as it represents that to be a good entrepreneur you don’t only have to have good academic skills but also being creative and innovative is an essential key part of being the entrepreneur. This because by having good creative skills you can easily design and create new things. As well as that, by being innovative it means that you always coming up with new ideas and you are always seeking ways to change or improve things around you so that everything efficient.

Moving on, the second number that is represent is 14. this number stand for “Commercial awareness”.  This is another skill that is incredibly important as by being commercially aware it means that the you always know how things around you are adapting. By you knowing what is changing and adapt it makes that you are prepared. By being prepared it means that the you are more organised and more willing to take part in other activities due to that adaptation.