Nikhil Seeveratnam

Hi my name is Nikhil Seevaratnam and I am in 10RC. My EE number are 8 and 9. These are the numbers that I represent. Firstly, I would like to talk about the number 8. This number stands for “Present work (internally and/or externally)”. This is an important EE number as presenting work anywhere for reason is an important skill to have. This is because the without being able to talk or present your work to a large audiences it means that you never be confident enough to do anything requiring a speech from your main input.

Moving on, the next number that I would like to explain is the number 9. This number stands for “Experience the world beyond school”. This is an important skill to have as school is just as important the outside world. This is because the outside world is what we want be able to survive in. So if we don’t experience the world outside school it means that we will never be ready for anything that happens after we leave school.