Thomas Durnall

I’m Tom, I’m in 10RE, and I joined Enterprise Education because I have always wanted to develop my enterprise skills. Enterprise is so important in lots of peoples’ lives, especially young people. These skills can help Learners want to achieve more, help them want to strive to get what they want out of life. I have developed lots of skills throughout my time in this club, and like working as part of a team to make partnerships and become part of a wider project. My first EE number is 2, this is to ‘Take risks and manage change’. Taking risks and managing change is a big part of school life, because to take risks in learning, to aim for the higher level questions, to challenge yourself, even if you don’t succeed, you still have that drive to always aim higher no matter the cost will help you a lot in later life. My second EE number, 5, is to ‘develop the drive to make things happen’. This links in with my other number, to always aim higher, and make things happen is always looked upon when it comes to business, to get things done quickly and effectively is a trait employers’ love, and developing that drive is another key aspect in enterprise, to always want to be the best, to always aim the highest you can will help you anywhere, In any aspect of life.