Holly Jayne-Hughes

Firstly, to start, my name is Holly-Jayne Hughes and I am in the form 10DT. As a member of Enterprise, it is required of me to represent ‘EE’ or Enterprise Education numbers. I represent numbers 7, which is to ‘be a team player and good communicator’ and 11, which is ‘Financial capability’. 
To explain each of these, I will revert back to number 7. To be a team player is to be successful in my opinion. It is incredibly difficult to push through tough times alone. Being able to fall back on a team or to share ideas and progress together gives incorporated Learners to move forward, thus allowing skills such as resilience and leadership to be trained and brought in. I believe it is also a relevant skill that is integrated within the work place. To be a team player, you must also be a good communicator, and that is why these tie together. Businesses and work places look for someone who possesses these skills and the many others built by this Enterprise Education number. I feel that it is a necessary skill to be developed within the Learners of Beacon Hill Academy and that it will greatly benefit them within school and after their Beacon Hill Academy experience.  
The second skill I represent is financial capability. Now, financial capability, in my opinion is a necessity. There are people who are leaving school unaware of how to deal with loans while being bombarded with debts and such while not knowing or understanding how to deal with it or even not understanding it. I want to help Learners be prepared for the onslaught of this so they can cope whatever is thrown at them. 
I am fully devoted to my role within Enterprise Education and I am so willing to help Learners out and give the support I feel they need.