Enterprise Education




Improving the life chances of our Learners lies at the heart of all the work we do at Beacon Hill Academy. Providing a varied, interesting and challenging curriculum that meets the needs of learners is a vital part of our continued success.

Enterprise education lies at the centre of providing Learners with the skills to be lifelong learners. These skills are essential not only for Learners who wish to become the next generation of entrepreneurs but are also highly sought after by employers across all sectors of the economy. The development of Enterprise skills throughout each Learner’s time at Beacon Hill Academy will contribute to improving his or her life chances whatever paths are chosen throughout their working life.

Although there is no statutory requirement for delivering Enterprise Education, at Beacon Hill Academy we believe that developing Learners in these areas is of benefit to them now and in the future. Moreover it will equip them with the right skills to make even more progress when they make the transition in to Key Stage 4. Learners develop these skills across the whole curriculum in all subject areas as part of their normal lessons.

The school will continue to develop Enterprise Education across the whole curriculum and therefore Learners should have further opportunities to develop and demonstrate enterprise skills. This approach to Applied Learning will continue to be developed as part of our teaching and learning.

Enterprise Learners Shine!


Be innovative and creative

Take risks and manage change

Take ownership and leadership

Develop a ‘can do’ attitude

Develop the drive to make things happen

Be a problem solver, team player and good communicator

Experience the world beyond school

Develop financial capability

Develop social enterprise

Provide opportunities for Business and or ‘real world’ related activities

Commercial awareness

Visits from external speakers including trips outside of school


Mr Mahey