Emerson Hanslip

My name is Emerson Hanslip and I represent enterprise skills 3, 4 and 15. The following text will detail why these enterprise skills are important and why I have assumed the responsibility of representing them. Firstly, I would like to talk about skill number 3, which is to ‘take ownership and leadership’. Taking ownership and leadership are fundamental entrepreneurial skills and can aid in developing you as a person. These skills heavily link in with confidence, and if you feel you are in fact taking ownership and leadership, then you are most likely developing your confidence by doing so. Being able to take ownership and leadership can be quite difficult for many people. To those, I would say that it will rarely be easy, but there is one attribute in which can make you take ownership and leadership with ease, and that is passion. You will always find that the best leaders are always passionate about what they lead. I can certainly say that for when I lead the enterprise team. Passion stood as the driving force for all the work done as manager, and granted me the motivation to lead. Another attribute which clearly displays ownership and leadership is compassion for those who you lead, especially when working in a team. As John Maxwell rightly said, ‘leaders become great not because of their power, but their ability to empower others’.

The second entrepreneurial skill I represent is number 4, of which is to ‘develop a can do attitude- aiming high’. I cannot stress the absolute importance of this entrepreneurial skill. This skill can be applied to most, if not all aspects of your life, not just in careers. It is indeed a great feeling when you sit down at the end of the day when you get home and feel fulfilled, that what you did at school that day was meaningful. Now I know it’s hard to actually receive that feeling, but if you aim high, and really strive to succeed, I’d be surprised if you did not. Its beneficial to develop an optimistic attitude in life, for example, when you really want to achieve something, but that thought of doubt plagues your mind, think not about how you might not be able to achieve it, but think about how you can. This entrepreneurial skill links in perfectly with number 3, as in order to take ownership and leadership you would almost always need to develop a can-do attitude. As to quote Michelangelo ‘the greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it’.

Finally, I would like to discuss the importance of skill number 15, which reads, ‘visits from external speakers and outside trips’. During our education, it would certainly be unwise for us to isolate ourselves from the external world of work, which we could learn a great deal from. This is why it is important to participate on trips outside of school and have speakers come into school and give talks on different matters. You can really learn new things from different people, despite them not being teachers of any sort, and those things may prove incredibly useful in future years. For these reasons, I would definitely urge you to take part in external trips when the opportunity arises and listen to external speakers when they visit the school.