Home School Agreement

Beacon Hill Academy aims to provide a disciplined, supportive environment designed to enable all Learners to take advantage of their educational opportunities.  Learners are encouraged to develop a pride in themselves, their school and community.We believe that we must work together to achieve the best we can for every Learner.


The School – The School will aim to:

1. Provide a safe, caring and supportive environment in which Learners are encouraged to develop their full potential.

2. Provide a broad and balanced curriculum to suit the needs of all Learners.

3. Set high standards of work and behaviour and establish good relationships within school.

4. Set high standards of attendance, punctuality and uniform.

5. Set, mark and monitor appropriate homework.

6. Inform parents about their child’s progress and other school related matters.

7. Welcome parents and offer opportunities for their full involvement in school life.

8. Encourage respect for members of the school and local community, and the environment.


Parents/Guardians – I will aim to:

1. See that my child attends school regularly, on time and is properly equipped for lessons and activities.

2. Ensure that my child’s absences from school are adequately explained.

3. Take an active interest in all aspects of my child’s school life.

4. See that my child completes homework that is set according to the school’s guidelines by checking and signing the planner each week.

5. Ensure that my child follows the school’s Behaviour Policy and support any agreed action taken by the school.

6. Attend Parents Evenings to discuss my child’s welfare and progress.

7. Let the school know about any concerns and problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour.

8. Ensure that my child adheres to school uniform rules.


Learner – I will aim to:

1.            Attend school regularly, on time, and fully equipped for lessons.

2.            Set myself high standards and always give of my best.

3.            Abide by the Code of Conduct displayed in all classrooms.

4.            Show respect, courtesy and consideration to others.

5.            Care for the school, its surroundings and the local community.

6.            Make the most of all opportunities given to me.

7.            Wear correct uniform at all times.

8.            Complete all homework and coursework on time.