Our wonderful year 7 students have been developing their skills in writing this half term, through various tasks related to The Hunger Games! They have written monologues from the main character, descriptions of the chaos in the Arena, persuasive letters to help our hero gain sponsorship and much more.

Their final challenge (which, fortunately, they all chose to accept) was to create a Survival Guide to The Hunger Games, to be presented in an exhibition on Wednesday 16th December. We had an incredible range of guides produced by the students, showing excellent skills in writing to explain to a future tribute, and these took pride of place in B1 from 3pm onwards. We had asked students to ask their parents by designing invitations to the event, and all staff were welcome too. It was fantastic to see many parents arrive, excited to see their children’s work, but also for many staff members and older students to visit and enjoy the work on show.

I was ably supported by a great team of students from my set and from Miss Lake’s 7E1 class, who directed parents from Reception and guided them through the work. Particular effort came from Joseph Roberts and Evan Shakespeare for running around the entire school to encourage staff to come!

The feedback was very positive, and a selection is shared below:

‘Really good display and love the opportunity to share it with Harriet’ (Parent)

‘So pleased to see how Jack has progressed. Well done!’ (Parent)

‘My mom was proud of me and my work’ (Student)

‘I am so impressed with this work- fantastic!’ (Mr Cooke)

‘Nice to see the students really proud of their work. Well done’ (Mr Mahey)

‘Fabulous work’ (Mr Jukes) ‘Very creative and artistic work!’ (Mrs Preston) ‘Fantastic pieces of work’ (Mrs Thompson)

‘Really good project with great ideas’ (year 10 student)

‘Very creative!’ (year 11 student)

And lots of praise from your very proud English teachers!

Well done to my superstars in year 7- what a great first project. Cannot wait for our next one to be bigger and better!