Beacon Hill Academy School gains prestigious ICT Mark Award

Cict-markhildren at Beacon Hill Academy in Sedgley are at the forefront of using technology to enhance their work, and that’s official!

Following an extensive external assessment Beacon Hill Academy has been awarded the prestigious ICT Mark.

The award recognises the school’s success in developing the strategic use of technology in both administration and across the curriculum. Parents will have proof that their children are attending a school at the forefront of modern technology.

Head teacher Mrs J Manson commented “On behalf of Beacon Hill Academy School, I am delighted to be awarded the ICT Mark. It recognises our positive approach to the use of technology and the benefits it is bringing to our children. We believe that technology can be used in every aspect of learning and that it is essential our children are equipped for the modern world. We are very proud to include the mark on our website and our mailings and this has further raised the profile of the use of technology at Beacon Hill Academy.”

The lead member of staff, Mr Mahey (ICT Subject Leader), involved in ensuring the school was ready for ICT Mark assessment, commented: “At Beacon Hill Academy School we strongly believe that ICT not only adds value to learning but it is at the very heart of all that we do. We also believe that Digital Literacy is now just as important as reading, writing and arithmetic, and should be considered a basic skill underpinning education. For our school leavers we recognise the impact ICT has on the work environment; it provides the necessary infrastructure to any modern day Organisation and helps increase efficiency at all levels including in Government.

Over the years Beacon Hill Academy School has been quick to recognise this and has developed an excellent culture of learning through the use of ICT. Staff and Learners recognise that we are growing up in an increasingly technologically advanced environment. The NAACE ICT marks shows recognition of this and of the outstanding work that is taking place at Beacon Hill Academy School.”

Mark Chambers, Naace CEO, said “Beacon Hill Academy thoroughly deserve the accolade of an ICT Mark accreditation. They clearly demonstrate how important it is to take a whole school approach to using technology in schools.  We look forward to working with Beacon Hill Academy to demonstrate how technology can have a substantial impact on learner outcomes in the future.