The Personalised Learning Centre

The Personalised Learning Centre offers a range of interventions/programmes to Learners who are finding school difficult to cope with. This may be due to social, emotional or behavioural difficulties, anxiety or settling in issues. The Centre offers a nurturing environment and its aim is to identify barriers to learning, to support Learners to develop coping strategies and to integrate Learners back into mainstream school as quickly as possible. The PLC staff liaise with teaching staff and parents to support this process.
The PLC also supports Learners who are struggling to respond appropriately to our Values Driven Expectations through a series of workshops as follows:
· Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
· Anger Management
· Art therapy
· Social Skills
· Relationships
· Aspirations and Dreaming Big

The programmes are delivered one lesson per week over a period of up to six weeks. Every effort to avoid disrupting the same class each week is made by rotating the programmes.
During the course of the workshops, Learners have the opportunity to express any concerns, seek support and address the concerns that cause barriers to their learning.