The Personalised Learning Centre

The Personalised Learning Centre was set up in 2014 and although located in a block on its own, is an integral part of the Beacon Hill Academy. The centre is staffed by a full time member of staff who manages the day to day running of the centre. The main room has space for approximately15 students and is equipped with: 10 computer terminals; small group tables; a pod for 1:1 discussions; a meeting room and a chill out room.

The aim of the centre is to provide an alternative curriculum provision for students who are suffering, social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties and are struggling to maintain a full time timetable. As well as short term support for students returning from fixed term exclusions to enable them to reintegrate successfully and not repeat exclusions.

The PLC is a one stop shop for students who need advice on health, education, emotional support, careers and other general advice. The chill out room is used both as a reward and an incentive room but is also used as an area for students who may need a calm environment to help deescalate situations. This area also provides a comfortable area for students who are particularly distressed and need time out to gain control of their emotions

Home Tutor

The role of the home tutor is to work with Inclusion based students at home so that they can receive their statutory entitlement to education. The home tutor also works closely with the Parent Support Adviser to help engage hard to reach parents with school.  The home tutor is also responsible for developing and delivering bespoke learning programmes to students at home and support packages for parents so that they can continue to support their child’s literacy and numeracy development.

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