30 computer science, ICT and Business Learners were taken to San Francisco during the Easter holidays.  The aim of this trip was to show Learners the concepts of business ideas and how they could grow into multi-national businesses.  Silicon Valley being the ultimate experience and how technology has developed in the last 30 years.

We spent time in computer museums so that the Learners could see how technology started and to help them understand how quickly this has progressed.  We visited the headquarters of Google, NASA and part of the main Apple site.

We also visited Alcatraz, The Golden Gate Bridge and the Piers along the sea front that are steeped in history dating back to the Gold rush and how the city expanded using lost/abandoned ships.  China town was an amazing experience and shopping in the city proved to be just as eye-opening.  A visit to Stanford university was another highlight, the campus and the history behind the buildings left us in awe.

This trip allowed Learners to experience cultural differences, manage time and money and be more self-sufficient than they would be at home.  A number of parents have expressed their thanks for giving their children this experience that they might not otherwise have had.