Senior Crew

Abby – President

Inspiration is key. No person can say ‘I’m not creative.’ Everyone has a mind that interprets things in their own way, however it is up to you how you choose to present those ideas to yourself. Creativity isn’t just used within art, it’s a way to access your thoughts and build onto your dreams and make them reality. Being inspired enables you to create and through whatever skill or form that may be, I believe every Learner at Beacon Hill Academy has that will within them.

One of my aims is to fill our Learners with this passion and ambition.

I look at things from a positive viewpoint however, positivity does not mean you absorb negativity, you must push it away, stand up for what you believe in and find a resolution. I again would like Learners to learn this mindset. If they feel negativity is overcoming them, they should look at the positives and then continue to resolve their issues either independently or with the help of others, not to ignore them.

Every individual has an impact on this planet. Whether it be for the good or the bad, everyone has the ability to make a positive difference. Beacon Hill Academy is not just a school, it is a community, and I’d like to utilise this to make our Learners and staff work together to help the environment. My work towards this will further be explored in my aims.

As of me personally, I would say that I am outgoing and hardworking with experience working in groups, working as a team and as a confident leader. My aim is not only to lead and represent the school, yet to connect with Learners so I can help them form their first building blocks for life.

I am honoured to be working along with such an inspirational Senior Team and can’t wait to be working within the DAT. I will be working tirelessly in order to fulfil the requests of Learners to make our school a safer, more cohesive and enjoyable environment, enabling them to achieve the highest they can.

Please Click Here to view Abby’s targets for this academic year.