Senior Crew


Harry – Vice President

My name is Harry and I am one of the Vice Presidents of Beacon Hill Academy. I am a positive and respectable role model. I have many of the required skills to be a leader such as; commitment, reliability, punctuality and I am enthusiastically involved with any school activities or events.

Since year 7 I have been involved with the school productions. This shows my exemplary commitment to the drama department as I have lead drama workshops for younger years on many occasions. Further to this, I have volunteered and ran a stall in every summer fair.

I have actively taken on roles within form such as uniform monitor and current affairs. Each year I have taken part in the open evening by leading an activity that showcased what Drama is like at Beacon Hill Academy.

I’m a leader as I can adapt and create ideas to suit the group and activity, for example; I had to create a workshop for a year 5 group that was interesting and educational for all participants. So, I put together a small piece of drama and 3 activities for them. It was a huge success and all the year 5s took part and had fun.

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