Senior Crew

Joshua – Vice President

My name is Joshua, I am one of the Vice Presidents at Beacon Hill Academy. Ever since I started my time at Beacon Hill Academy (formerly The High Arcal School), I have loved every single day- from making new friends to achieving the role of Vice President. When I was told that I had gotten this role, I was very pleased with myself and of how I have developed. Now, as Vice President, I can act a voice for the Learners and push forward their ideas to improve this school. I am so pleased that I can work alongside Mrs Bull and other Senior Staff members.

My first project that I picked is one that I feel strongly about – working with the new Learners in induction week. I feel like induction week is a key part of Year 7. This will have a great impact on how you settle into this school. I want to work on induction week, to help in making it as fun but educational as possible, so we can have as many new, keen Year 7’s as possible.

Another area I am particularly fond of is getting Learners ready to leave secondary school. I would like to create one on one “mock interview” sessions for years 10 – 11 giving them more confidence and feel more comfortable when in an interview situation. Also, following this, I would like to create new extra-curriculum events to boost confidence and gain more leadership skills trying to get everyone involved.

At the end of Year 11 I aim to have completed all of my goals for this academic year.

Please Click Here to view Joshua’s targets for this academic year.