Senior Crew

Wiktoria – President

Hello, my name is Wiktoria and I am one of the Presidents at Beacon Hill Academy. I have been a part of this school for 5 years, and I have always been challenged and given many opportunities to strive and succeed. Since my early years, I wanted to get this role, I wanted to change schol life for the better, and to leave a legacy for other years to follow. I feel as though I can do this along with my peers and the rest of the senior crew.

Accross this next year, I would like to help with the leavers’ process and make it as easy as I can for Year 11 2018/19, but also lower years and, as I said earlier, leave a legacy! Alongside teachers and Learners, we all want the same goal within school and that is to have as many opportunities for success, and to finish Year 11 being proud of all we have achieved and being ready for the future.

Please Click Here to view Wiktoria’s (DRAFT) targets for this academic year.