Trips, Visits and Events

At Beacon Hill Academy Learners have access to a wide range of trips and visits. These include local, national and international trips which compliment and enrich a broad and balanced curriculum. These experiences enable Learners to develop knowledge and understanding and expand their horizons in different learning environments. These include various subject specific trips, sports tours and other opportunities which can be life changing.

In addition to this, at Beacon Hill Academy we take pride in developing the whole Learner. In order to keep up to date with the changes of society and modern Britain we provide our Learners with a vast range of events to enhance essential skills, qualities and competencies. Learners often take a leadership role on various school events and promote community cohesion. These events take place throughout the year and are delivered in a variety of ways. Learners take part in enrichment days, assemblies, fund raising, themed weeks, social events and community projects. Through the quality of these events Learners listen to each other, learn together and respect the beliefs and values of the school community.

Please Click Here to view some of the trips, visits and events that have taken place at Beacon Hill Academy.