Learner Leadership

Learner Leadership is now an integral part of life at Beacon Hill Academy. All Learners have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through the Learner Leadership Framework.  Learners Leadership is recognised as a strength of Beacon Hill Academy both locally and nationally. Learners also have international opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

There is a wide range of Learner leadership roles within school as well as an array of leadership opportunities embedded across the curriculum, from the more traditional Head Boy / Girl and School Council to newer roles such as Learner Journalists and Peer Mentors plus a wealth of opportunities to develop leadership and take responsibility for learning across the curriculum and key stages.

Mr Riccardo, Learner Leadership Co-ordinator oversees leadership development and opportunities across the school as well as working closely with the House Officials and departmental staff to create a full and ever increasing programme of activity. In addition to this, we also hold training events and work closely with local schools to assist them in their development of Learner leadership.

Learner Leadership is recognised, rewarded and showcased through a variety of means. Beacon Hill Academy School leavers have cited their leadership development as something that sets them apart from others when applying to further education establishments.