susan_pollackOn the 29th of January we started our trip to the holocaust memorial exhibition. We were asked to attend by Ian Austin the local MP. This was a service in memory of the people who suffered as a part of the holocaust. The service included lighting a candle in memory of those who died during the extreme destruction caused by the Nazis.

On arrival to Dudley College we were welcomed into the presentation hall where we were shown to our places. We were offered free drinks and refreshments. There were paintings showing the reality of the concentration camps this gave us a deeper insight into live in a death camp. Soon after arriving the ceremony started where it was opened by a speech by Ian Austin MP welcoming us to the service. After he gave his introductory speech we heard the story of a couple young individuals from Ellowes Hall sixth form; they gave their story of how visiting several concentration camps opened their eyes to problems in the world such as social prejudice and helped them be better individuals. After that we listened to a story from the awe inspiring Susan Pollack who was an Auschwitz survivor as a young adult. We listened to her and her amazing story of her life and how prejudice has resulted in the tragedies that it has. She inspired us to stand up against prejudice and stop anything like the holocaust from ever happening again. The Bishop of Dudley was the next to give the speech he thanked Susan for all the work she had done for us. We the IMG_0473witnessed the lighting of the candle which was then followed by a minutes silence this was to mark respect for all the people who suffered as a consequence of the holocaust. To end the ceremony we listened to a speech by the mayor of Dudley who thanked us all for attending.

Overall the trip was a complete success and I feel that all the Learners who attended it would have found it very beneficial. Having an insight into the life of someone who faced the holocaust we can then apply this to history and enrich our learning.


Sarah Paskin