The AS Base

The AS Base opened in October 2010; it caters for the learning needs of pupils from the Dudley Borough, who have an Education, Health Care Plan and a Primary Need in relation to Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The Learners are ‘high functioning’ and study highly personalised GCSE pathways in the mainstream setting with support.

The principal intention is to install confidence in Learners and equip them with essential skills, which will enable them to participate more fully within the wider context of the school and eventually the local community. All AS Base Learners aspire to achieve GCSEs, so they can progress to further education and have a future career.

The AS Base is situated next to Learning Support and is surrounded by a landscaped garden area, where pupils grow, harvest and prepare produce as part of their life skills training. A holistic approach to learning is adopted within the AS Base; all barriers to learning are considered and the individual strengths of pupils fostered. The work within the base comprises of a personalised curriculum that is designed to maximise potential; it encompasses the Core curriculum of English, Maths and Science, but is directed by individual need, for example learners are encouraged to develop their personal strength areas such as Science. Social and interaction skills sessions underpin the curriculum and are taught discreetly; Learners are also involved in community work and cookery lessons.