Learners from Beacon Hill Academy took part in a Remembrance Day service at the newly relocated cenotaph from its long-standing site outside Mount Tabor Church, in Sedgley Road West. Learners joined over 80 local residents and dignitaries in the open air service which was led by Revd Caroline Wickens.

Head Boy Alex Sproston and International Schools Ambassador Ben Prosser took part in the Remembrance Day Service and led tributes to the local war heroes from Woodsetton, Parkes Hall and Swan Village, whose names can be found inscribed on the newly resorted and refurbished cenotaph.

It followed a long-running campaign by Beacon Hill Academy, local residents and councilors to get the monument moved as the church is disused and services could not be held there.

As part of the restoration, a new engraving to one of the memorial’s faces has been added. It reads ‘We Will Remember Them.’ Members of the History club from Beacon Hill Academy have also been carrying out research at the local archives about the fallen soldiers and their work will be on exhibition on a permanent marble display next to the new cenotaph.

Vice Principal, Mr Dhami said: “The Learners have worked tirelessly to help with the campaign to relocate the cenotaph. Today’s Remembrance Service will be the first of many annual services that will be carried out at the cenotaph and it is great to think that the Learners of Beacon Hill Academy have helped with this huge achievement.”

Head Boy Alex Sproston “It is an incredible honor and privilege to be involved in today’s service and the campaign to have the war memorial relocated. I hope that young people from all schools will recognise the importance of remembering all those local heroes that lost their lives. ”

The cenotaph was moved earlier this week to a larger area of land further along Sedgley Road West. Scaffolding went up on Monday as experts removed the memorial from its long-term home outside the church.

It was taken to W.E Jones, of Willenhall, to be cleaned, restored and for the new engraving to be added.

Campaigners always aimed for it to be put in place for this year’s Remembrance Day Service.

North Dudley Councillor Casey added: “It is fantastic the work has been carried out in time for the Remembrance Day Service. I am very grateful to all the hard work of the Learners at Beacon Hill Academy”

Residents had called for the memorial to be moved as the church was no longer used and the monument was too close to the road for services to be held there.It was so near to the pavement and road, rubbish was also thrown over protective railings and built up at the base of the memorial.

There are 30 names on the memorial, which was built by public subscription. The names include six men from Woodsetton, three from Parkes Hall and twenty one from Swan Village.

As part of the scheme, the memorial has been adopted by Dudley Council so it can be properly cleaned and maintained.

Documentation was finalised just over a week ago. More than 150 residents turned out to a recent event to learn more about the relocation project at Beacon Hill Academy during the summer. The school will continue to work with local residence over the next year to develop a memorial garden around the cenotaph.