Nine Beacon Hill Academy Students entered a 100 word mini saga competition called ‘Grim Tales’, where they had to write mini sagas that were no longer than 100 words and had to be ‘grim’ in some way with the support and guidance from our Literacy Co-ordinator.  After being selected for publication, the students will now look forward to seeing their stories feature in an anthology, along with pupils from other schools who were also successful.

Here are the short stories from each student:

The Tale of the Werewolf

You would think that werewolves were only seen in fairy tales, but they are real and could be lurking anywhere…

I will tell you a tale.

There was a boy who had a secret, one he hadn’t yet discovered. One night the moon was shining like a bright star. He looked in the mirror and saw his eyes glowing red and his teeth were like knives. Fur began to grow on his long dangly arms and his shirt ripped across his chest.

He was…a werewolf!

To this day he still lurks in the night time, waiting for his next victim.

Alex Greenaway

Full Moon

Sometimes the ones you love, are the ones you end up hurting…

It was a full moon. The clock ticked. Suddenly there was a knock at the door…Ben’s heart pounded with fear. He looked down at the broken mirror, staring deeply at the glowing eyes, burning like a sunset. He scratched at his arms, covered in black veins. The door knocked again. Shaking violently, Ben screamed out, “Go away! I’m warning you!” Then came an ear-piercing howl.

The door burst open. Man and beast stood face-to-face.

With one jump Ben leapt forward…devouring his best friend.

Andrew Law

Hansel and Gretel

One late afternoon, Hansel and Gretel were walking through the forest, when all went dark. Three witches on broomsticks came flying down, cackling and spitting. They had no idea what to do. One of the evil witches shouted, “Follow us and we will give you a chocolate house, one each!”

So they followed them into their house and ate the chocolate. Soon they ended up bright red and fat. After that, Hansel and Gretel were put in the bubbling hot cauldron.

Hansel and Gretel were never seen again and no one dared to enter the forest.

Bhavandeep Dehal

An Unlikely Friendship

After generations of battling, and a town left destroyed, sworn enemies left two orphans to fend for themselves – a hedgehog and a witch child.

With hunters after the blood of innocent children, they had to go into hiding.

As the two orphans strolled through the solemn graveyard, the sirens of the hunters sounded. It was time to run.

Suddenly the hedgehog tripped. “Run!” he yelled, knowing his time had come to an end.

Hesitating, the witch child raised her hands and cast a spell…protecting them both.

Will this be the last fight?

Callum Turton

The Quest

Once there was a boy who was abandoned by his parents. Overwhelmed by loneliness, he took an oath to find out the reason. One day he went on a quest to find out why his parents left him.

As he wandered through the mountain pass, right in front of him was a beast from the furthest point of The Nether. A mythical blade appeared in his hand. With super strength, he raised the sword and with one slash the beast was down.

The boy discovered that this was the reason why his parents had left him.

Cohen Matthews

Little Red Riding Hood

One day there was a girl walking through a deep forest. She was hearing sounds and got scared because it was dark. There was a huge wolf behind her, with water dripping out of its mouth. It got its sharp claws and started to walk towards her. She screamed and screamed, but no one heard her. She ran and ran until she saw even more wolves…then she was trapped. After that, she was nowhere to be seen or found…

Harpreet Sunny


In a dark, spooky hotel at night, with shadows on walls, lived creatures with big nails and huge eyes. They were after human spirits of young boys.
One day they finally found one and took him away from his parents. A few days later, the police found him dead. When they went and told his parents what happened, suddenly they heard…boom, bang, smash!
The ghost of the boy had returned.

Jaydan Pyatt

The Unknown House

No one had entered that house for 100 years, but all that changed 10 years ago…

We decided to go into the house, which may have been the worst decision of my life. The musty smell of damp filled the air. I went to the bedroom, which is the where the owner died.

I was interrupted by a scream. Andrew was dead! Then suddenly Paul started screaming, holding his face. Me and Callum ran up the stairs but Callum’s chest burst open. I knew I had no choice. I JUMPED…smashing through the window.

Only the house knows the truth.

Joe Ingram

Hidden in the corner…

As I walked into the dark room, I heard an ugly growl from the corner. A strong smell surrounded me.
I edged closer and turned on my torch. Slowly I crept forward, shaking nervously. The sound of claws ripped against the wall. Trying to hold the torch still, I moved closer. A shadow grew in front of me…sharp, pointy ears, a curved back and giant vicious claws. Backing away carefully, I watched closely.
I turned and ran as fast as I could, but it was too late…she jumped on my back. I was covered in fur. “My new suit” I yelled.

Josh Hunt