Wightwick House

Wightwick House is one of Beacon Hill Academy’s four houses. We have a main focus on ethos, and it encourages fellow Learners to use it as a way to empower their peers. The ethos includes a strong sense of belonging, house spirit and citizenship, Learner leadership, Learner and teacher coheasio and a stress on positive rewards & celebration. These five aspects of Wightwick House show that our house is able to take on any challenge given to us.

We strongly believe that Learner participation, through all aspects of schoool, is important to us. We strive to succeed in our Interhouse competitions, and with our dedicated team members, we also strive to succeed! Wightwick’s main charity for 2018/19 is ‘Parkinsion’s Disease’. As a house, we will raise money for this charity to try and give someone suffering with Parkinson’s a better outlook on life. Through various charity events, this will be made possible.

Wightwick House Officials


Head of House

Mr D Jukes