World Skills Show

World Skills Show aims to inspire young people to make appropriate choices about their future by providing information and activities across a whole range of industries. Covering 9 halls, divided into 5 themed areas, the World Skills Show is massive.  To find out more about the World Skills Show, please click here.

In 2015 the organisers anticipate 100,000 visitors over the three days the Show runs. Consequently, it is necessary to plan your visit to get the most out of it. Our visit will divide Learners into 5 groups according to the themed areas at the Show. All groups start in Hall 18 (see below). Your job is to read through the five pages of information and complete an option form stating which pathway you wish to take on the day. Option forms should be returned to your Form Tutor. You can download a copy, if needed, from here.

ALL GROUPS    start in ‘Future Skills’, Hall 18

Technology is transforming our homes, offices, the ways we work and how we interact. Individuals and employers are changing what they invest in and the skills they demand of their staff.

Future Skills will spark your imagination about what your future careers could be (some of which haven’t been invented yet); the technology which is changing traditional roles; and the skills needed to succeed in this ever changing workplace.

  • Explore BMW’s electronic cars of the future
  • Experience virtual reality through Oculus Rift goggles
  • Witness a Mobile Robotics competition
  • Sample augmented reality, Raspberry Pi weather forecasting and car controlling programming and 3D printing
  • Try your hand at BIM – the next generation of 3D modelling
  • Learn all about Aquatronics