Students in year 8 recently completed the Summer Camp project in their English lessons. This project demanded that they collaborated and shared ideas to design their own Summer Camp! They worked brilliantly to consider their camp manifesto, the budgeting and costings for such a venture, and to develop their promotional materials to ensure their camp was memorable.

This project helped students progress in their non-fiction writing skills, and many created exciting powerpoints, leaflets, posters and information guides to help make their camp seem as realistic and professional as possible. Pupils demonstrated their camp presentation in lessons, with the aim of nominating a ‘top team’ or presenter to be in the running to win the prize for ‘Best Summer Camp 2016’!

The following students reached the shortlist, and presented their ideas again to Mrs Ojelay:
Robbie Cooper 8YD with Camp Xtreme
Ben Lewis 8SW, Emily Fellows 8SW and Finley Porter 8YD with Camp Attack
Ryan Whitehead 8OJ, Mollie Harvey 8OJ and Oliver Morris 8LP with Camp Adrenaline
Sharon Massampo 8EH, Bethany Sheldon 8SW, Christabel Vickers 8SJ and Bethan Langford 8SJ with Islandtopia
Jessica Perry 8BI with Camp Titan
Tegan Weaver 8EH, Katie Dawson8YD, Renen Adam 8SJ and Mia Anslow 8SJ with Quality Camp

The winning group was Camp Adrenaline (Ryan, Oliver and Mollie) for excellent presentational skills and a wide range of promotional materials!
The winning individual was Robbie with Camp Xtreme for his very professional presentation!

Every student shortlisted receives a praise postcard and the winners receive a prize. Well done to all involved.