This was an opportunity for 10 Learners to pitch for their own business and compete with other local schools and colleges, in Wolverhampton’s very own unique entrepreneurial competition, ‘Wolves Den’. It was hosted by University of Wolverhampton’s Business School and supported by the experts.

Learners had to compete on the day for a prize of being the best innovative idea for a business venture. A trophy for 12 months and a financial prize of £500 were up for grabs, with all participants invited to an entrepreneurial masterclass before the event to prepare.

The purpose of this experience was to provide an advantage to Learners when seeking college or university places and will play a big part in helping them to make informed choices about their futures.

All Learners were chosen with the Aspire to HE criteria in mind. Some of these Learners take Business as an option but this was not seen as the most important criteria. 

On Friday the 8th of February, these Learners were placed in a classroom for 4 hours and had to come up with their ideas as well as a pitch to present to the panel.  The aim was to persuade the panel to part with up to £100,000 for their business idea – Dragon’s Den style.  They had a lecturer from the University of Wolverhampton’s Business School to help them with their pitch.

On Monday the 11th of February, our two teams of Learners travelled to the University of Wolverhampton where they had to pitch against other schools and colleges for the trophy and prize money.  Team 2 did extremely well with their idea of a virtual school and eventually won £73000 towards their business plan, however, team 1 took their pitch right to the end of the day until they were left to pitch against a year 12 team.  Their idea was to combine technology with a practical solution for people with sight-impaired disabilities and produce a pair of glasses with GPS/SatNav and sensors so that they could walk without the aid of a guide dog.

Team 1 won their battle and came home with the trophy and £500 cash to spend.  We are planning to use this money to fund a project in school similar to this one and led by these Learners.