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Geography Population and Development Study Booklet.

Lesson 3

Complete section 4 all questions

Complete section 5 population demographics questions only (don’t do migration section)

Lesson 4

Watch the GCSE POD on the Demographic Transition Model -

1. Make a copy of the diagram

2. Describe and explain what the birth rate, death rate and population growth is like at each stage 1-5


Stage 1

  • The death rate is high because ……
  • The birth rate is high because……
  • The population growth rate is low because…..

Stage 2

  • The death rate is ……high/low/falling because…….
  • The birth rate is….high/low/falling/rising because ….
  • The population growth rate is …. because…

3. STRETCH – draw the shape of the population pyramid for each stage.