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3D Design

Lesson 1 & 2

The task is split into two parts and it links to the exemplar material that has been attached.  Learners are to design a further five to six ideas for their storage units that fits around the theme of the architect of their choosing.  So there needs to be a consideration of a type of pattern that goes across the top or around the final piece of work.  More emphasis needs to go into the colouring of each idea so please take your time when colouring/shading ideas in.  You also need to make sure that you labelling each of the features of your design work to talk about:

  1. Materials you would use
  2. Joining and fixing techniques
  3. Features like hinges you would include.

Part two would be to develop two of your intended outcomes using either card or paper that you may have available at the house.  Any scrap paper would do or even a cereal box that is about to go in the bin would be fine.  Make sure your card/paper models are brought in on your return to school.