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Learners are to complete a creative piece of writing over the course of 5 lessons to be submitted on the final lesson. Each lesson will tackle a different part of the story and learners will spend time planning and writing each section during the dedicated lesson. The final lesson will look at writing up a final 'best' piece of work which learners will then submit along with any draft work. Please use the 'What a Good One Looks Like' (WAGOLL) story for inspiration and the Creative Writing Word Mat to support in making sure that this story is as descriptive and exciting as possible! I look forward to reading your stories!

Learners are to complete 2 sessions of Lexia during the course of the week. Progress will be checked via the online platform to make sure that learners are accessing the site. If learners require a teacher email to access the site please use ''. Learners should then log in using their designated username and password. To access the site please visit the following site: