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Year 10

Year 10 learners are expected to work from home following the timetable shown below and specific work set by their teachers.  Each session is one hour in length.  Learners will need access to the following programmes for revision.  Login information has been issued to all learners at school before the closure.  If you are finding it difficult to access any of the programme listed below then please contact our team via 

Work will be monitored online and learners & their parents/carers may be contacted if they are not doing the required amount of learning.

Tasks to complete if specific work has not been set


Home Learning Tasks

Useful Links


Hegarty - Teacher set tasks that are in line with classwork
Smash That Topic - reflecting QLA from paper 1, paper 2 and paper 3
Revision Guides



CENTURY - 5 Nuggets will be set by your class teacher each week



Century Tech


GCSE Pod - Work through Pods, make notes and answer questions in your exercise books.
Revision Material - This can be found on the Academy Revision Portal or on the History area below



GCSE Pod - Use GCSE Pod to revise




Below we have outlined a timetable that students should follow. We have split the day into 4 sessions and each session should last at least one hour.

  Session One Session Two Session Three Session Four
Monday Maths (1 Hour) Science (1 Hour) English (1 Hour) History / Geography (1 Hour)
Tuesday English (1 Hour) Maths (1 Hour) Science (1 Hour) Examination Subjects
Wednesday History / Geography (1 Hour) Science (1 Hour) Maths (1 Hour) English (1 Hour)
Thursday Science (1 Hour) Examination Subjects English (1 Hour) Maths (1 Hour)
Friday Maths (1 Hour) English (1 Hour) History / Geography (1 Hour) Science (1 Hour)