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English Literature

Mr Bruff has 33 videos on YouTube, which you can watch for revision and will support you completing the activities.

Mr Bruff a playlist of 12 videos to help you with your revision and support you in completing the activities.

Mr Bruff videos to go through to complete the 500 word challenge booklet.

Work through the activities in the 'Remote Learning Booklet' for 60 minutes during each timetabled slot for English. If you are unsure how to complete an activity, email your teacher who will do their best to assist you. If you do not have access to email, move on to the next activity in the booklet. Test your understanding with the Knowledge Quizzes after you have finished the booklet.

Complete the 500 Word Challenge Booklet, using the resources and links to the videos to help you. The Exam Practice Book has some more practice questions for Literature Paper 2.

Use the trust lit quotes on the PPT to put on your ring bound study cards. It is essential that you learn these quotations from the Literature texts to help with your revision. You will be tested on the gate as you enter school and by members of SLT.

This is revision, so will not be collected or marked. You are still expected to complete this though, and you may be quizzed on it in lesson.