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Creative iMedia

What is taught?

The Creative iMedia programme of study is the perfect stepping stone from our Key Stage 3 curriculum. Students investigate how IT and media are used together to ensure that they are prepared for the digital world that we live in. IT and media have linked with each other for a long time and with the ever-growing popularity of social media, our learners get the opportunity to create their own digital masterpieces.  Students cover the following skills across:

  • Digital Animation
  • Interactive Multimedia Products
  • Creating Computer Graphics
  • Pre-production materials


How is it taught?

Taught over 3 lessons per week, Creative iMedia gives our students the opportunity to research existing products in the market and review their effectiveness. After they have completed this have the opportunity to plan and create their own digital masterpieces.  Over the two years, they will have the opportunity to use a range of different software that helps develop different skills while showcasing the skills they have already picked up during Key Stage 3. The course is split 75% coursework 25% formal examination that is taken in the January of year 10. The outline of the two years is below

Year 9

  • R082 - Creating Digital Graphics
  • R087 - Interactive Multimedia Creation

Year 10

  • R081 - Pre Production Materials (External Examination)
  • R086 - Creating Digital Animation


What makes your subject unique?

The mix of IT and Media make Creative iMedia unique to our learner. The ability to see their own design ideas come to life we find really engages our learners. The ability to our learners to perfect their skills from Key Stage 3 really gives them a sense of achievement. The ability to use IT in different ways gives our students the keys they need to move forward in both the world of Media and IT