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My name is Dharam and I am looking forward to being in this year’s Senior Crew, as it will allow me to be a part of the student voice which allows students to transfer their ideas to members of staff. My main target which I would like to achieve whilst being in this role is improving our year 7 induction days. I would like to do this by giving students a small short survey they can complete in form time which will gather the information that we then discuss with the team on the changes we could make.

Another one of my aims is to make the school more eco-friendly. This aim can be completed by bringing back the role of "Eco-Warriors" who devote their time into the school and help keep it litter-free. I have had many experiences whilst at Beacon Hill such as "Junior Vice-Prefect" and a senior "Careers Assistant", helping both Mr Mahey and Mrs Busby to help students decide upon their career paths.