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Live Virtual Q & A

Tuesday 6th October 2020 at 17:30pm on YouTube.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How do you make Year 6 learners feel welcome?

All year 6 learners are placed in a form, using the information provided by feeder schools. A strong induction period on arrival allows for learners to get to know their peers and form tutor, along with the expectations of the school. Although form tutors are the first point of call for home and school communication, each year group also has a Learning Manager (like a Head of Year) who's sole responsibility is to support the learners in their year group, whether this be academically, socially or emotionally. All teachers are very approachable. 

What if my child needs extra support?

All teachers are qualified and trained to support the varied needs of the learners in the classroom. For certain individual needs, we have a Learning Support Centre, where interventions take place to support areas such as literacy, numeracy and speach and language to name just a few. For learners who struggle socially, we have the Personalised Learning Centre, which delivers bespoke programmes to a handful of learners. Our school nurse and councilor are two other avenues of support along with the rest of the pastoral and safeguarding team.

Who looks after the children in the academy?​

All adults in school have a duty of care to support and look after the wellbeing of the learners in school. Annual safeguarding training ensures that all staff have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that all learners remain safe during their time in school.

What sports are played at the academy?

​Pre COVID-19, Beacon Hill Academy boasts an impressive amount of extra-curricular activities and we are proud of both the participation rates and the success of the school. Along with the outstanding displays in the more traditional sports, we are keen to allow learners to experience a number of activities. Te annual dance performance is a popular event and learners are fortunate to be able to access Dance as one of their KS4 options. Effort and participation is recognised and rewarded, whilst we are also very proud of the number of learners who compete at an elite level outside of school. The senior leadership team boasts a number of previous Physical Education Department leads, so sport and other extra-curricular activities will always be a key priority of the school. Learners are also fortunate to enough to be able to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh award.

How is good behaviour maintained?

​At Beacon Hill Academy, we have very high expectations. Our Values Driven Expectations is what makes our academy stand out from the rest and allows for learning to take place free of distraction. Expectations are simple and clear with those learners who go above and beyond with their effort and standards being recognised and rewarded. For learners who may struggle to adhere to our very simple expectations, we have systems in place to support and challenge these unwanted behaviors. A strong pastoral and SEND structure, means that we can identify quickly areas of need and intervene appropriately. We feel that it is imperative that home and school work in partnership to allow all learners to thrive and reach new heights in their 5 years at Beacon Hill Academy. 

What food is available at lunchtime?

A variety of hot and cold food is available at lunchtimes. The current circumstances have led to the selection of food being restricted, however learners can choose from a variety of sandwiches, wraps, pizza, burgers etc. Feedback from current year 7 learners is that "the food is so much better than Primary school" (sorry Primary schools)


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