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Year 11

During any learner's time at Secondary School, Year 11 is undoubtedly the most difficult and most stressful year as it is when they must put everything they have learned so far into practice in their penultimate GCSE Exams. 

To ensure that our learners achieve their highest grades possible, allowing them to ‘Dream Big’, we use a selection of industry leading tools such as CENTURY Tech and PowerBI as well as providing extra sessions and support. 


CENTURY Tech is an Artificial Intelligence lead online software which provides our learners with a tailored learning program for their selected options and core subjects. CENTURY analyses a learners performance to work out their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how they learn best. Once it has built this profile of the user, it presents them with ‘nuggets’ for them to complete. These ‘nuggets’ initially contain an explanation of the topic in the way that the learner works best, followed by a set of questions for the learner to complete to test their understanding and build up their knowledge.  

We find CENTURY extremely useful and effective in our Academy, as it provides learners with a level of subject specialism outside of school that was previously only available from their classroom teachers. From its introduction in September 2018, we have seen a significant improvement in learner attainment as well as learner satisfaction. 


PowerBI (Business Intelligence) is a Microsoft software which we use to analyse learner data, enabling us to make more informed decisions with relation to subject setting and intervention sessions. By using this software, we are able to have a greater insight into where our learners, collectively and individually, are struggling and excelling in order to be able to focus on those areas which need slightly more work in order to allow our learners to reach their full potential. 

Extra Sessions 

We also run lots of revision sessions throughout the year which are delivered by our dedicated subject specialist teachers. These sessions are part of the Dudley Academies Trust ‘Upgrade Mission’ and include extra lessons 3 days a week (Period 6 & 7), as well as optional revision sessions on weekends and during the school holidays. All of these sessions are delivered by our dedicated subject specialist teachers to ensure that our learners really are making the most of these sessions.