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We believe in every child reaching his/her potential, through full access to a broad and balanced curriculum.  The Academy recognises that some pupils will need extra support to do this.  We offer a range of flexible provision to respond to a child's individual needs including in-class support, small group or individual teaching.

Learning Support Staff

SENCO/Line Manager of the ASD Base Julie Webster
Lead Teacher Jade Crockford
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Emily Fenn
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Kate Walker
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Kiri Westwood
Teaching Assistant Julie Barnfield
Teaching Assistant Tracey Harper
Teaching Assistant Dani Hughes
Teaching Assistant Michelle Jones
Teaching Assistant Laura Mazzi
Teaching Assistant Emma Osbourne
Teaching Assistant Sue Oakley
Teaching Assistant Cherise Redhead
Teaching Assistant Debby Wardley

Other Associated Professionals

Educational Psychologist Victoria Moss
The Learning Support Service Jill Edge
Autism Outreach Service Clare Payton and Michelle Guest
Physical Impairment Service Rose Painter
LA Case Officer Katie Jones


Additional Support

Parents/carers can find the Local Authority 'Local Offer' from the Dudley Council website.

Additional support for parents/carers is available from SENDIASS, which is an organisation external to the school.

Further information can be found via the links below.

Policies & Documents