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What is taught? 

Learners develop knowledge of art and design practices by studying artists and designers and their work. They also develop an understanding of art and design techniques and processes.  Drawing skills (for different needs and purposes) is an essential element of the curriculum alongside learners developing their practical skills in two and three dimensions exploring different media, materials, techniques and processes. Students can access facilities to explore a range of drawing styles in wet and dry media, painting, printing, photography, ceramics, collage and mixed media, textiles, sculpture and three-dimensional design. They will also express themselves creatively in written form through annotation, analysis and evaluation. Students learn how to be independent enabling them to research, produce ideas and development towards a final outcome. 


How is it taught? 

At KS3 foundation skills are explored, students will discover, through a range of projects, the formal elements in art and design, how to respond to a theme and artists, how to develop a sketchbook that reflects their personal style and improve their accuracy and control with drawing and painting. At KS4 learners will build on their prior knowledge, starting with a structured project which then develops independently. They learn how to create a portfolio in response to a theme, explore media and techniques such as drawing, painting, photography, ceramics and design through researching and investigating various artists and designers. 


What makes your subject unique? 

Creativity is the focus in art and design and the curriculum provides learners with the opportunity to demonstrate their best -we find a way, an element of art that means every learner can achieve.  We encourage discovery, engage and challenge students, support risk-taking and help them to become confident, more sustained and self-directed. We believe that every child is an artist and has the right to express themselves creatively and in doing so we promote a love and appreciation of art and design. 'Art reaches parts or students that other subjects can't reach' 


Any other information? 

Art and Design can lead to excellent opportunities in further and higher education as well as future careers. The creative industries are the fastest growing of all areas and add £87.4 billion pounds to the economy every year. Almost 2m people are now employed in the UK's creative industries.