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ICT & Enterprise

What is taught? 

IT & Enterprise is the stepping stone into our KS4 curriculum. IT & Enterprise gives our students the opportunity to develop their IT skills with a career flavoured scheme of work. With a mix of enterprise qualities linked in with all of the IT skills that are needed to succeed in today's technology-driven world. Our immersive curriculum gives all of our students access to technology allowing them to develop IT skills in their own way. 

Year 7 

  • E-safety 
  • Modern Communication Methods 
  • Spreadsheets 
  • Digital Graphics 
  • Movie Creation 
  • The iDEA Duke of York Award in Enterprise 

Year 8: 

  • Logical Flowcharts in Flowol 
  • Programming in Python 
  • Website Creation 
  • Digital Animation 
  • Microbits 
  • The iDEA Duke of York Award in Enterprise 


How is it taught? 

Students have 1 lesson per week to perfect their IT skills. Through engaging lessons and a bespoke curriculum, we cater to every learner's needs.  Students have the opportunity to work independently on new modern machines allowing them to maximise their progress. Our team of subject specialists have developed this bespoke curriculum and deliver this with passion and expertise to ensure that each learners experience is a memorable one. 


What makes your subject unique? 

IT is both unique and fully encompassing of every subject. Using IT in every lesson, that allows our students to link to everyday life and scenarios makes our IT lessons so successful. The skills they learn here in IT can be moved around to each subject area. So be it graphs in Science or packaging in DT there is something for everyone here in IT & Enterprise