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Physical Education

What is taught? 

The diverse provision for Physical Education (PE) at Beacon Hill Academy is thriving. It is an exciting subject delivered by dedicated staff, ensuring a high-quality curriculum is taught to all learners. 

This is composed of a variety of different disciplines including; GCSE Physical Education, BTEC Sport, Cambridge National in Sports Studies, BTEC Performing Arts (Dance) and, KS3 and KS4 Core PE. These are supplemented by an extensive extracurricular programme; an integral part of Beacon Hill Academy. In the 21st Century, it is essential learners understand the benefits of exercise. It is hoped their experience in PE will stimulate a lasting interest in sport and physical recreation.  

Learners are encouraged to enhance their inter-personal skills in co-operative and competitive situations. Encouraging them to appreciate the importance of personal qualities relating to sportsmanship and fair play.  


How is it taught? 

The Physical Education team are committed to providing opportunities for participation, enjoyment and performing in a range of physical activities with active, challenging and dynamic learning situations. Lessons are designed to cater for learners, promoting the development of movement co-ordination and the acquisition of motor skills.  Learners will be provided with opportunities to evaluate their own and others’ performances. Suggesting strategies for refinement of technique. The psychological benefits of sport are also vitally important. Through consistent participation, learners are given the opportunities to succeed, irrespective of ability, develop self-esteem and self-confidence. 


What makes your subject unique? 

The Physical Education curriculum has been designed to be accessible to all learners. Providing opportunities to progress and reach appropriate levels of attainment to realise their potential. This involves teachers matching tasks to the needs, interests and abilities of the learners.  This can be achieved by challenging learners in a range of stimulating environments. Ultimately, teaching and learning strategies are selected to stimulate, enthuse and enable learners to gain personal satisfaction from their participation. Sport at Beacon Hill Academy has traditionally been very strong. We continue to strive for excellence in all aspects to give our learners the best chances of success.