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Duke of Edinburgh

Please see the attachments at the bottom of the page for important information on #DofEWithADifference due to the 2020 COVID-19 Crisis.

At Beacon Hill Academy, we offer the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme to our learners in Year 10 at Bronze level. Learners are requested to write an application form at the end of year 9, in preparation to start the award at the beginning of Year 10. Approximately 25 Learners are able to take part in the award. Selection is based on the quality of the application form which highlights a number of personal attributes such as attendance, commitment to school life and reliability. 

About the award 

The award consists of the following sections, all of which will need to be completed to ensure that you can pass the Bronze level of this prestigious award. 

Skill – 3 months 

There are a variety of skills you can do, including podcasting, cooking, playing a musical instrument or website design. There is an endless list of skills you can develop and demonstrate. 

Expedition – 2 days 

One day training walk 

2 Day practice walk 

2 Day expedition 

Physical section – 3 months 

You should achieve a higher level of physical fitness through participation and improvement in physical activity. 

Volunteering – 3 months 

This must be outside of the school day and can involve: charity work, fundraising, helping others (paired reading/homework club), etc. 

Plus a further 3 months on any one of the skills, physical or volunteering section 



There is a financial cost to the award which is approximately £60 to be paid via Weduc Payments. This cost covers registration fees, D of E logbooks, campsite fees, transport to and from expeditions and all training sessions. The cost does also assist with the purchase of spare equipment used by groups of Learners for expeditions, although it is recommended that you buy your own kit from the kit list provided. 

There are also a variety of training sessions which take place both after school and at lunchtimes. All training sessions are compulsory, and failure to attend these sessions will result in removal from the award. 

Whilst taking part in the award, Learners are also required to follow the D of E code of conduct which can be found on the D of E website. 

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a fantastic scheme and something that we are very proud to offer here at Beacon Hill Academy.