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Student Leaders

The primary reason why Beacon Hill Academy has a Senior Crew is to allow the teaching body at the academy to have a team of elite learners, ready to give their opinions and perspectives on new initiatives that they are thinking of implementing. In year 11, Head Boy & Girl, as well as their deputies, were chosen after a rigorous selection process consisting of an application, speech, vote and interviews to form Beacon Hill Academy’s senior crew through the duration of that academic year.

What do the Senior Crew themselves believe it’s all about?

During our time as the Senior Crew, we aim to do anything and everything we can to improve our school and the wellbeing of the learners and staff. The Senior Crew is a group of individuals passionate about making our school a better place. We hope to introduce long-lasting initiatives such as the student council and new extra curriculum activities, so, even when we are no longer a part of Beacon Hill, there Is still something to be built upon.

We intend to act as role models for other learners by giving our input and implementing our ideas, representing Beacon Hill and helping at school events. We all have many aims including:

  • Redeveloping our student council
  • Celebrating diversity and individuality
  • Developing a mental health program
  • Bringing eco-warriors back
  • Providing an education that will help learners once they leave school

In our final year, we plan to work together to make our school a better place, more suited towards and more considerate to learner and staff wellbeing.

Our Senior Crew for 2022/23