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Being appointed as Student President has undoubtedly been an honour and a momentous achievement to begin my final academic year with. Having been part of the Student Ambassador team since I was in year seven, it has been an end goal I have always strived for. 

It is important to acknowledge that school is a huge part of young people’s lives. Therefore, during my time as Student President, I want to ensure that a culture of respect and happiness is embedded into all of our learners, creating an environment that allows all learners to dream big and reach their full potential. 

As Student President, it is imperative that I listen to my peers, as they suggest new projects and initiatives benefiting everyone at Beacon Hill Academy. Using my responsibility and position to ensure longevity of requested causes, for learners to continue to develop once I have moved on. 

I hope that I leave Beacon Hill Academy with a lasting legacy as I strive to make the best possible experience for everyone.