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Beacon Hill Academy Parent and Friends Association

The Beacon Hill Academy 'Parent and Friends' Association exists to foster a feeling of ‘community’ amongst the parents, staff and Learners of Beacon Hill Academy. The key aims of The Parent and Friends Association are:

  • To represent the views and opinions of parents.
  • Help raise money for the school and invest in school facilities & resources.
  • Promote community cohesion both within the school and in the local community.

Voice of the Parent

We meet around 4-5 times a year and receive reports and presentation from the Principal and other members of staff from across the school.

The association is a friendly group of parents who are positively encouraged to be part of the partnership and where parent’s views and opinions are very much valued. The PFA support school events such as the Summer Concert, theatrical evenings and Open Evenings providing refreshments and guidance.


Fundraising & Social Events

The PFA has a proud tradition and track record of fundraising. Every year they raise on average £3000. Their biggest fundraising event is the annual Summer Fayre which involves the association working closely with form classes in year 7 – 9 and members of the local community to plan and organise the event. Members help to organise a Raffle, Tombola, Bookstall and source prizes from the local community and businesses.

The Association also organise social events throughout the year, which are hugely popular and well attended by parents and families. Each year the parents association help organise and run the inter-house quiz nights in the Autumn and Spring Term.

As a member of the Association, you can also become involved with other school activities such as assisting at Open Evening or helping during the school productions and music concerts.

'You said, We did' Scheme

The main goal of the association is to improve the school experience in any way possible. One of the most effective ways in which this can be achieved is through our 'You said, We did' scheme. This scheme allows both staff members and learners to request funding or support from the PFA board which will then be voted on by the members of the PFA. When considering funding, the impact of funding is always considered. If you'd like to learn more about some of the most recent causes that have been funded by the PFA, please expand each option below:

Vulnerable Learners - Summer Trips

Throughout recent years, the PFA has funded lots of trips during the summer holidays for some of our most vulnerable learners. We have been able to take them to places such as West Midlands Safari Park, the seaside, Dudley Zoo, 'Leap' and many more. The funding that the PFA provides really helps our learners who struggle with social skills, friendships and confidence and also gives some of the opportunities that they may never experience otherwise.

Without the support of the PFA, this simply wouldn't be possible!

Mrs V. Rownes

Photography Equipment

With our 2019 Prom approaching, we realised that we wanted to do something special for our learners, that would also bring down the cost of prom photography by doing it all in-house. However, we realised that we were in need of some more specialised equipment, which is where the PFA stepped in. They helped us with the purchase of professional camera flashes and backdrops which enabled us to produce some truly fantastic images on the night. This equipment will continue to be a great asset to the school in future as it will allow us to capture even higher quality images of our events, and much more.

Beacon Hill Academy Media Team

Leavers' Hoodies Subsidisation

To be able to provide the style of hoodies that our Year 11s had requested, the per-unit price was going to be almost £21, which was far too much for many people at this expensive time of year. We reached out to the PFA and they were kind enough to provide us with enough money to be able to bring the cost of a leavers' hoodie to a much more affordable figure for everyone in Year 11 to take advantage of. Without the PFA's generosity, we wouldn't have been able to afford these wonderful keepsakes.

2017/18 Year 11 Senior Crew


Who can join?

All parents of Learners at the school are eligible to become members of the association by completing the membership form available below.

Application Form:

Apply to become a member of the Parents' Association

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By clicking submit on this form, you consent to Beacon Hill Academy using and storing your information for the purposes of the Parents' Association.
Your information will not be shared with any third parties and will be deleted upon your leaving of the PTA or a request being submitted to


A Welcome from the Chair

For parents and friends of Beacon Hill Academy, our group provides a link between us and the school.

Our group comes together for meetings, social events and fundraising for money that goes directly back into our school supporting our learners.

We are always looking for new members. There’s no big commitment needed - after all, a little time and support goes a long way!

PFA Chair, Gemma Bourton

For more information on the Parents Association please contact Mrs M. Middleton at the Academy.


Beacon Hill Academy PFA Meeting Schedule

Autumn Term 2019  
4th November 2019 Quiz Night & Events Planning


Spring Term 2020  
Coming soon...  


Summer Term 2020  
Coming soon...